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"I've always loved to write but hadn't considered the power of publication. Carrie took my hand, built my confidence and guided me to platforms that fit my work and provide exposure to my ideal client. Now, my stories are out in the world as a beacon to serve exponentially more women and attract more members to Conscious Connections! It's brilliant!"

Kristi HallFounder of Conscious Connections

"As a Shaman and Spiritual Adventurer I have always struggled with identifying the right platform that would best fit my message. Carrie taught me how to write using my authentic voice. Using the tips and tools that Carrie gave me I have created a successful "Shadow Weight Loss Program" and I'm now sharing my stories on platforms that best serve me and my ideal clients."

Karen Barno

"Carrie's Storyteller Junction has been my perfect cup of tea in my transition from ghost writing to being the face of my new company. She's helped me align my purpose with my passions in ways I've been trying to on my own for quite some time-a testament to her incredible gifts as an empath and creative. If you're an entrepreneur, a creative writer or just someone with a story to tell, Carrie can help you tell it, and help you build your personal brand in the process. I'm so happy to be part of her tribe!"

April Hundza GutierrezFounder + Lead Strategist | Golden Roots Consulting

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Writer & Trainer

​Everyone has stories to share with the world. Carrie can help you clear the clutter, break through blocks and teach you how to share your stories.

Hello From Carrie!

From this point on you are a storyteller and an educator. Your voice is valuable. The lessons you have to share are important. Your dream client is out there waiting to know you and learn from your experiences. Welcome to your Storyteller Junction.

I've been a published writer for nearly 20 years. I'm a storyteller first, an entrepreneur second. I've built two businesses through the power of storytelling. Let's get you on the road to attracting your dream client by using the tools and tips I've collected over the years. They are all yours now!

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